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RE: Ofsted Inspection September 2023

This is Moorfield’s first inspection under the new inspection framework which is more rigorous and robust in its approach to previous frameworks. We’ve been on a journey in the four years I’ve been Headteacher at Moorfield and Ofsted identified and praised our strengths in the areas of Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes, Early Years and SEND Resource Base provision.


The inspectors noted that pupils:

  • Enjoy learning at Moorfield and they build strong relationships with each other
  • Are kind polite, friendly caring and considerate towards each other
  • Demonstrate the school’s values of responsibility, thankfulness, compassion and perseverance in their actions each day 
  • Benefit from the encouragement and support that staff provide
  • Feel safe in school
  • Are eager to rise to the high expectations the school has of behaviour
  • Demonstrate positive attitudes to their learning and take pride in their work
  • Develop an age-appropriate understanding of the differences and similarities between people
  • Enjoy the leadership opportunities that they are afforded


In addition, the inspectors found that there was much to commend in relation to leader’s vision for the school:

  • The school has a clear and unambiguous vision for addressing the weaknesses in the quality of education the pupils receive
  • The school has made sure that staff have the appropriate expertise to lead subjects with confidence
  • In many subjects, teachers are given clear guidance and direction in how best to deliver subject curriculums
  • The school identifies any additional needs that pupils may have quickly
  • The school promotes a love of reading among pupils
  • The school has a clearly structured phonics programme in place
  • The school has worked closely with parents and carers to improve pupils’ rates of attendance


However, we have worked extremely hard to introduce a new curriculum across all subject areas, some of which we started last academic year and some we introduced in September of this year. Because of this, the children’s knowledge and skills are not yet embedded across the whole curriculum, resulting in the quality of education at the point of inspection ‘requiring improvement’.


As a result, under this framework, the inspectors also had to judge Leadership and Management as ‘requiring improvement’, due to the Quality of Education grading.


In the feedback given to Governors, Senior Leadership Team and the Local Authority, the Ofsted team spoke highly of school leaders and fully expect that another 12 months of our new curriculum being taught, the whole curriculum will be embedded in line with those subjects that were shown to being having impact after being introduced in September 2022: PE, Modern Foreign Languages and PSHE.


We will act on all the areas for development Ofsted have identified - the majority already on our Key Priorities for this year. We would like to reassure you that because these were already identified, these were already being addressed from the start of autumn term. This report just gives us further impetus to continue to drive forward the progress with pace and purpose.


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