Moorfield is a school that prides itself on its sporting excellence. We are highly successful in this field often winning through to local and area events.

At Moorfield Primary School we seek to give every child the opportunity, at some stage during their school career, to play a part in the sporting life of the school and the wider community. Opportunities exist both within the curriculum and through a variety of extra-curricular activities to learn the skills, rules and personal attitudes needed to compete both as an individual and as a team. We maintain links with local sporting clubs, (eg; Stockport County, Hazel Grove Cricket Club and Norbury Lacrosse) so that children who wish to continue with particular sports after they leave us may be able to do so.

As you enter our school I am sure your attention will be taken with our extensive trophy cabinet with awards for a wide range of sport including football, athletics, cricket and cross country. There are also awards for our commitment to Sport.

We receive a sum of money into school each year from the Government. This is to support our development of P.E. and we use this to be part of Stockport’s School Sports Coordination programme.

Recently this money has enabled us to work with a variety of sports coaches and it also funds transport to and from Sporting events and Competitions.

Any remaining monies are used by the PE Co-ordinator to enhance the resources available for Sport and P.E.

PE Premium

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