Moorfield Tables Guidance

Moorfield Tables is a timed weekly times tables test, split up into divisions, that children from Y2-Y6 work though in a set order. The focus of each division closely matches the order of times tables from the National Curriculum. The number of questions and the length of time that children have to complete the questions increases as the children progress. Children may only progress to the next division when they have scored full marks (or if they have 2 incorrect and they can verbally tell you the answer). The order of the divisions that children must complete is as follows:



Number of questions

Time limit

Division 6

x2  x5  x10


3 minutes

Division 5

x and ÷ 2  5  10

Division 4

x2  x3  x4  x5  x10

Division 3

x and ÷ 2  3  4  5  10

Division 2

x2  x3  x4  x5  x6  x8  x10 

Division 1

x and ÷ 2  3  4  5  6  8  10

Premier League

x2 to x10

Champions League

x and ÷ 2 to 10  

50 Club Division 2

x2 to x12          


4 minutes

50 Club Division 1

x and ÷ x2 to x12

75 Club Division 1

x x2 to x12


5 minutes

75 Club Division 2

÷ x2 to x12

75 Club Division 3

x and ÷ x2 to x12

100 Club A or B (tests are the same – children only need to complete 1)

x2 to x12


100 Club C

x and ÷ x2 to x12

100 Club D

Application of all multiplication and division facts – decimals, squares and roots

100 Club Whizzo Extension Sheets

Tests from this division are to be completed in the following order:

  1. Multiplication and division facts, roots and squares
  2. Brackets A
  3. Brackets B
  4. Fractions
  5. Fractions, decimals and percentages

6 ½  minutes

There are 4 tests for each division (A, B, C and D). They all contain the same questions, but are just in different orders. Children only need to complete ONE of these tests fully in order to progress to the next division. 50 Club Division 1 and 2 and 75 Club Divisions 1, 2 and 3 are all classed as separate divisions as the questions each have a different focus. Please note that this is different for the 100 Club and Whizzo sheets, and the order must be as stated above.     


Year 2 children (and any children new to the school) start on Division 6. Children from all other year groups should start on the division that they finished on in their previous class.


Moorfield Tables

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