Details of how we support children with  Special Educational Need are detailed in our SEND information report which can be found on our school Website.

Many children, at some time during their school career, will have special educational needs or learning difficulties and may need special help. At Moorfield we endeavour to give our children with special educational needs a broad and well-balanced curriculum including as much work as possible under the National Curriculum.

If a teacher, or you as a parent, feel that your child is experiencing difficulties at school we will be pleased to discuss the difficulties so that we can decide together what is best for your child. We believe that the closer we work together the more successful any help will be. Many problems can be sorted out easily by matching the level of help to the needs of the child with step-by-step programmes. Sometimes it is felt that a child needs a particular kind of help, in which case the help of specialists from outside school may be valuable.

Most children’s needs are met in the mainstream school but occasionally a child’s needs cannot be met from the resources normally available in school. Moorfield has a Special Educational Needs Unit for children aged 5 – 11(our Kaleidoscope Provision) that meets the needs of eighteen such children from various parts of Stockport.

All our systems and procedures are designed to enable all children to be included in all we do, so the children in our Kaleidoscope classes are therefore included fully in the life of the school.

In addition this facility also holds our specially designed Kaleidoscope room. This enables our school to deliver the Kaleidoscope programme to all our pupils from Reception to Year six. This provides all children with simple strategies, based on colour, that enable them to learn about and also how to control and adapt their feelings and behaviour.


If you have any concerns or wish to discuss SEND at our school, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Mr Gareth Swire


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